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Discover The Best Wireless Doorbell For Your Home

Do you often miss important parcels, answering to guests or visitors due to lack of proper doorbell sounds? Are you stuck with a fixed doorbell that is out of order or not loud enough to alert you?

Ding Dong

Ding Dong

A wireless doorbell is what you will need in your house to solve this problem. It offers you freedom from complicated installation procedures , provides you variety of sound chimes to chose from and most importantly is compatible with security accessories, thus enhancing your home security system.

Now, since you know that a wireless doorbell is really useful to have device, next question arises. How to choose a best wireless doorbell that suits your specific needs and is worth of your money?

There are varieties of wireless doorbells available in the market today ranging from low priced ones to expensive ones. But it’s not just the price that acts as a differentiating factor, but various other important aspects such as range of doorbell, volume settings, and number of chime sounds need to be considered when choosing an appropriate wireless doorbell for your house.

This website ( is dedicated to provide you useful information that helps you to pick up an appropriate doorbell for your house. You will also see in detail reviews of most popular door chimes that are prevailing in market today.

Comparison Chart for choosing the best wireless doorbell

To help you to choose a best wireless doorbell, we have created a comparison chart which helps you to see and compare various aspects of a doorbell and take a decision which one to go for.

There are 7 columns in this chart

  • Wireless Doorbell name and model (Click to see more detail or to buy)
  • Doorbell range – This is the distance a wireless doorbell can cover in your house
  • Number of Chimes – Number of sounds that your doorbell can play
  • Dimensions – Of both ringer and chimes
  • Visual Alert – Does your doorbell has blinking light when someone rings?
  • Rating – Average rating from users can help you to know about customer satisfaction
  • Price – Price for the doorbell on amazon. Please note that these prices change frequently based on promotions, availability etc.

Click here to see the wireless doorbell comparison chart

Above list is only a short collection of some of the best available door bells. Amazon has really wide range of doorbells to choose from.

How To Choose a Wireless Doorbell for Your House?

Let me tell you, choosing a right doorbell for your home can be tricky unless you have got complete information about the features that the product is going to offer. You need to consider and compare variety of aspects such as below,

Operating Range : This is probably one of the very important aspect you should look for in a wireless doorbell. Depending upon the size and area of your house/office, you should pick appropriate ranged doorbell. If you have a very big house, it’s advisable that you should go to a higher ranged doorbells, otherwise you again miss out important notifications due to signal range issues. If you have a smaller house, then a medium or small range doorbell would do.

Chime Sound Options : Another feature that may make or break the deal ! Again, this feature is of personal choice. Some people prefer a single chime sound and not much care about any other options, but many people like to have more chime sound options. So, look for the sound options that the doorbell is going to offer and decide accordingly.

Visual Alerts/ Flashing lights : Check whether the doorbell has visual alerts integrated within it, so that when someone rings the bell, you also can see visual alerts in the form of flashing light or blinking light. This is particularly useful if there is someone in your house is hearing impaired or you are under noisy circumstances (e.g Noise during vacuum cleaner etc). A really important feature to look in a wireless doorbell.

Dimensions and decor: Based on your preferences , you can choose appropriate sized doorbell. There are plenty of options now available in the market now including a wide range of designs. There are many door chimes that blend well with your home decor.

Ease of installation: Your new wireless doorbell should be easily installable.

This is where our website (BestWirelessDoorbells) helps you with the comparison chart using which you can carefully select the doorbell that suits your needs.

Review of Top 5 Wireless DoorBells

There is really huge selection of doorbells available for you either online or in your nearest Tools Shop, it could be quite tricky to pick up a piece that exactly meets your requirements. We decided to do a quick review of Top 5 Wireless Doorbells that are carefully hand-picked based on the user rating ( This doesn’t mean that others are not great). This review is to give a first hand information on various brands and the features that these door chimes are going to offer. So , let’s begin.

Honeywell RCWL250A1006/N Decor Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

Honeywell Wireless DoorbellHoneywell is one of the leading player in manufacturing best quality wireless doorbells. This model is no exception to that tradition. With it’s premium look and design, it has plenty of other features packed in it. Honeywell RCWL250a1006 has 6 selectable chime tunes, fully adjustable volume and a great quality sound.

This model is available in white color and has dimensions of 12 x 8.3 x 3 inches and works with motion detectors , thus by improving your overall home security system.

A great operating range of 450 ft is another reason to buy this doorbell (actual range could differ based on the design of your house). With user rating of 4.7/5 (on amazon) indicates that users are really satisfied with this doorbell.

Click here to see Rating, pricing and user reviews on Amazon

Heath/Zenith SL-6164-B Wireless Battery-Operated Musical Door Chime Kit with 64 Tunes, White

64 melodies to chose from, is definitely USP of this door chime, although the operating range of 100 Foot is not great as compared to earlier chimes. However, this doorbell works like a charm and installing this device is quite easy.

People who want wide choice of door chimes are surely going to love this chime. With average rating of 3.8/5 , this door chime impresses you with it’s USP of selectable chime melodies.

Never miss any visitors with this door chime and have fun as this device allows you to set the melody according to the changing seasons :-)

Click here to see rating, pricing and user reviews on Amazon

Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

Replace the generic doorbell ring with a chime tune that suites your individual lifestyle with this modern and attractive wireless doorbell.

Honeywell RCWL300A P3 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime is compatible with a wide range of optional security accessories that can help you safeguard your home and family, and it comes complete with a pre-programmed bell push button.

This door chime has a handy wireless design with push-button that is compatible with motion detectors and transmitters. This doorbell has 3 individual chime tunes and has a working range of 225 foot.

As an additional feature, you also get a flashing notification whenever someone rings the bell.Isn’t it cool?

This doorbell can be setup very easily and blends with your home’s decor nicely. With the added features such as compatibility with home security equipments makes this door chime a must buy. No wonder, users on Amazon has rated this wireless doorbell as 4.5/5.

Click hereto see rating, pricing and user reviews on Amazon

Honeywell RCWL330A1000/N P4-Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

This doorbell is quite advanced and with 6 chime tune options and security compatibility, one can be quite sure that this door chime excels in various departments such as operating range, visual alerts and design.

RCWL330A produces a CD quality sound and it’s volume is adjustable.

Flash notification is of great advantage especially if you have someone in your house with hearing loss or in a situation where loud noise exists. Again, flash notification is controllable, you can turn it on or off depending on your convenience. A sleeping baby is a good reason to turn this flashing light on and turn off the sound chime :-)

This chime works with up to 6 transmitters , allowing you to connect a single chime to 6 push button which can be located in various sections of your house. Overall, a well deserved rating of 4.5/5 from real users

Click to see rating, pricing and user reviews on Amazon

Honeywell RCWL3503A1000/N Decor Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

What differentiates this wireless chime from others is the design and decor and it’s sophisticated look. RCWL3503A has 6 chime tunes and has a good operating range of 450 foot. This chime can be set up easily and works with 6 transmitters and can be fitted vertically or horizontally.

Since this chime can be connected with 6 push buttons that are located in different areas of your house, you can very well implement security measure in your house to alert if any unwanted guest turns up to your house

Click here to listen to Chime Tunes

Click here to see rating, pricing and user reviews on Amazon

Your Opinion?

Now, that you saw the comparison chart for wireless doorbells and reviews of best selling pieces, it’s up to you to to pick up the one that suits your overall needs and fits into your price bracket.

Ding Dong.!!!!

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