10 Decorative Wireless Doorbells To Make Your Home Look More Attractive


Getting a wireless doorbell which matches your home decor can be a challenging exercise in itself because you don’t want to buy a doorbell that just looks stylish, but it should be durable, feature rich and long lasting.

To help you to choose a suitable decorative wireless doorbell for your home, we have come up with this article in which we will be presenting you 10 hand-picked, excellent quality decorative wireless doorbells which will end your search for a good looking, stylish wireless doorbell.

Without much delay, here is the collection of 10 great looking decorative wireless door chimes.

1. Heath Zenith SL-6510 Wireless Doorbell

zenith doorbellThis wireless doorbell from Heath Zenith looks brilliant with its wood finishing design.

You are going to love its design elements, and it can go well along with your home/wall decor. Add this stylish wireless doorbell to your home to enhance the style quotient of your home/door.

This wireless doorbell comes with a push button and mounting hardware that you will need for installation.

Needless to mention that being a wireless doorbell, installing this door chime is very easy.

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2. Decor Series – RCWL3502A1002/N Wireless Door Chime by Honeywell

Decorative DoorbellHoneywell not only focuses on offering rich features in their wireless doorbells but also gives importance to the look and feel of its products.

RCWL3502A1002 (figure on the right side) is a good example of that craftsmanship by Honeywell.

This wireless door chime is well designed and stylish, yet packs excellent features within.

With operating range of 450ft, this door chime covers good distance inside your home and comes with lots of other features such as adjustable volumes and 6 different chime tunes.

What more, this door chime works with motion detectors as well. We have written a detailed post on how integrating a motion sensor can be useful for enhancing your home security system.

Combining great features and looks, this door chime can be an excellent choice for your home.

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3. Wireless Doorbell by Jacob Jensen

jacob jensenLet’s takes a quick look at this high-end wireless doorbell by Jacob Jensen. This wireless door chime wins your heart with its elegant, a particular contemporary style.

Interestingly, this is one of those very few wireless doorbells that provide support for hearing impaired people unique low-frequency chime tune. It also has visual indicators on both chime unit and push bell.

With its rich features and sporting an elegant design, this wireless doorbell can go very well with home decor. A must buy for those who don’t want to compromise on style.

Note that this doorchime is not one of the cheapest doorbells out there. It does cost you lot more than other wireless doorbells out there.

You can read full review of this wireless doorbell on our blog.

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4. Decorative Wireless Doorbell by Heath Zenith with Brass Finish Tubes

Brass finish doorbellWhat makes this wireless doorchime stands apart from others is its unique design which incorporates brass finish tubes making the doorchime look very traditional.

This attractive doorchime has 10 chime sounds and offers a decent operating range of 150ft which is quite good for small to medium sized homes.

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5. RCWL3502A1002/N Decor Wireless Doorbell by Honeywell

Decor Wireless Doorbell

Another great looking doorchime from Honeywell which packs excellent features such as operating of range of 450 ft , integration with home security accessories such as motion sensors and door contacts.

With its soothing color combincation and elegant design, this doorchime is sure to win your heart.

6. Customizable BeechWood Door Chime Wireless Doorchime by Honeywell

Beachwood decor wireless doorbellHow about a beachwood finish wireless doorbell to enhance your overall appeal of home decoration?

This beautiful doorbell by Honeywell has beachwood finish and impresses you with its simplicity.

This doorchime works with upto 3 push bells and supports integration with motion sensors and door contacts for added security. There are 7 chime tunes in this doorbell and volume is adjustable according to your convinience.

Note that this door chime works with batteries and as well as with a transformer.

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7. Honeywell RCWL3503A1000/N Decor Wireless Doorbell

Honeywell RCWL3503A1000/N Decor Wireless Door Chime and Push ButtonHoneywell offers lots of variations in decor series wireless doorbells.

This doorbell RCWL3503A1000 looks solid and beuatiful. What’s more, this is one of the advanced and feature rich doorbells that offers 450ft of operating range and additional home security features.

This wireless doorbell has 6 chime tunes and adjustable volume for your convinience. There is also an interference blocking feature in this device.

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8. Wood finish Wireless Doorbell by Honeywell

RCWL3505A1005/N has nice looking wood finish and impresses you with its simple design. If you are looking for a wood finish doorbell that matches your home decor, then this doorchime is for you.Wood finish wireless doorbell

We have done a detailed review of this wireless doorchime on our blog.

This wireless doorchime is portable, offers a range of 450ft whch is great and works with motion detectors and door contacts for added security.

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9. NuTone LA532RW Americana Portable Wireless Door Chime, Wood Finish

nutone wireless doorbellThis wood colored wireless doorbell by NuTone has excellent design appeal and would surely blends with your door decor. This doorchime offers CD quality sound and you can add more push buttons to this chime unit.

With operating range of 150ft , it covers a good range in your house.

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10. Heath Zenith SL-6182-C Traditional Décor Wireless Door Chime, Oak and Satin-Finish Brass

Zenith DoorbellHeath Zenith is not really behind when it comes to providing you range of attractive wireless doorbells.

For instance, this doorchime SL-6182-C has a very traditinal look with oak and satin finishing.

You will love its design and it has operating range of 150ft. There is provision of adjusting volume according to your need.

There are interference blocking features as well in this doorbell.

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Your Turn

Hope you enjoyed the collection of these stylish wireless doorbells which can enhance your home decor.

Which one is your favourite? Do you want to add any other decorative wireless doorbell that you are already using at your home? We will be happy to hear from you.

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