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1byone Video Doorphone 2-Wires Video Intercom System Review

In today post, we are reviewing one of the modern video door phones out there in the market. Well, it’s not one of those complicated, movie-like home wireless surveillance systems, but a simple, functional, portable video doorphone that has the capabilities of an intercom system.

1ByOne Video Doorphone Review

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1byone Video Doorphone is a nifty electronic device which will provide you with much needed additional security, which will, in turn, provide convenience for you and your family through the year. The first thing you’ll notice about this product is a quite big 7-inch colour LCD screen and an outdoor doorbell, which is already connected and integrated with an HD camera. It has many features that are quite amazing, including a modern, sleek design, excellent sound quality, with 16 different sounds you can select for the doorbell, as well as a display that is dimmable.

1byone doorphone detailsThe main benefit of this device is the security it will get through vision, which is achieved by a 7-inch LCD colour screen that you can easily mount on the wall and that has an HD camera attached to it, meaning you can see and speak with all the visitors.

Since this doorbell is made for the outdoors weather conditions, the construction is quite durable and resilient. It has a front fully made out of aluminium, making sure the unit is protected from vandalism, while the electronic components are kept safe from water. It has an infrared projection that enables you to have a clear vision of anyone who visits, even if the night is dark.

This doorbell also can take both photos and videos, and save it automatically to an SD card, or even the internal memory the monitor has. However, if you are planning to take videos, you’ll have to get an SD card, which is supported up to 32 GB of memory.

In addition to the abovementioned, you also have another useful feature, which is lock control that enables you to control up to two different electric gates or doors, directly from the unit’s screen. This ability only serves to further complement your needs for security and convenience, which is a good thing to have.

One thing to note about this product is the fact that it only comes in one colour, so you’ll have to make sure that it is compatible with your house’s outlook.

We’ll show you everything you need to know about successfully installing this unit with ease, but to make sure that that process goes smoothly, let’s ensure that you have all the info about specifications for this product.

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How To Properly Install 1byOne Video Doorbell Monitor System?

Since you’ll be getting 2 monitors, it’s only logical that you’ll get 2 pieces of the power supply as well. The front camera and doorbell shielding come with an aluminium casing and a plastic protector. The first thing you’ll have to do is wire the outdoor installation module. You can do that by putting the blue wire in the number 1 socket and the brown wire in the number 2 socket. These wires then go to the first monitor, where you’ll put the blue wire into the upper number 1 terminal and the brown wire right next to the blue one.

After you’ve done this, you can power up the monitor, and you’ll notice that when you press the doorbell it both rings and the monitor powers on. Hooking up the second monitor goes pretty much the same, except you’ll put the blue wire on the lower number 1 terminal, and the brown wire to the bottom number 2 terminal.

When you get both displays working, the next thing you should do is find a convenient spot, where you’ll install the monitor, as well as the outdoor station. Perhaps the trickiest thing you’ll have to do is run a 2-cable wire from the monitor to the outdoor station, which is usually achieved by drilling a hole. You should pay extra attention when you’re doing this, to avoid hitting any live wires that may be in the area of the wall that you’re going to drill.

After you’ve drilled the hole and put the cable through the wall, you’ll mount the monitor on the bracket, followed by installing the outdoor station shield, where you’ll put the outdoor station.

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  • It has an ultra-slim package design, which is also protected from any weather conditions
  • HD Camera
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Can control multiple gates
  • Has colour LCD
  • Good chime sound quality
  • An aspect that can arguably be classified as a drawback is the actual sound the doorbell creates.While you do have a variety of options to choose from when deciding on the sound of the doorbell (16 in total), the sound itself can be a bit noisy at times, which some may find a bit unnerving.

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Our Verdict and Conclusion

The 1byone Video Doorphone 2-Wires Video Intercom System is an electronic product that is rather easy to install, and shouldn’t prove to cause any hassle when doing just that. It relies heavily on its ability to give you more security and convenience by having an HD camera that can store the photos of any visitors you or your house gets. It will make sure that you can both see and communicate with them before you decide to let them in.

Last, but not least, you should not dismiss the fact that this doorbell unit also doubles as a security camera, which is a great additional feature to have.