Review of August Smart Lock (Keyless Home Entry System)

In our previous article, we wrote about the rise of keyless home entry systems and why more and more households are getting them installed at their homes.

And why not ; In today’s modern life, many would risk it all to ensure the safety and security of family members inside the house. Even if it costs more than what is expected, most families would rather secure a smart lock for their doors.

Keys have been around for centuries and have been a problem for most people. The metal keys have caused too many glitches in keeping, securing and protecting valuable things not just in the house but also in the office premises.

The innovative idea of a smart lock have most of the home protection that one would want in their respective doors.

We rolled our sleeves and went into research mode to see and figure out which is the best smart lock available out there in the market right now.

Our team finally had one name : August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry System.

We decided to come up with a detailed review of August smart lock which helps our readers to understand the key features, pros , cons and finally to decide whether it’s the right choice for them or not.

Detailed Review of August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock Keyless Home Entry System

August Keyless Home Entry System Image

Key Features


Unlike other smart locks in the market, August Smart Locks do not have wholesale replacement of the lock hardware. But, with August’s lock system, it is designed to use existing deadbolt and keyset. This extraordinary feature lets you only to replace the thumb turn located inside the face of the door.

For August, it is definitely a retrofit smart door lock product which allows you to use the deadbolt of your choice. As long as your old door lock is compatible with August’s smart lock, it can be retained and used immediately.

Easy Installation

August Smart Lock PictureDuring installation, August only replaces the interior parts which are compatible with the lock system. In about 10 to 15 minutes, your smart lock will be easily installed. In most cases, the lock works with single cylinder deadbolts. Be sure to check whether your existing lock is well-suited with August.

Indeed, the installation is very simple when everything is aligned properly. If one thing makes it hard for you to assemble, don’t force it. Instead, start over and you’ll be amazed how to get the perfect fittings together.

No More Lost Keys

The encrypted technology that August Smart Lock offers is a lot safer compared to conventional metal keys. Using the antiquated keys can get lost and give you problems of getting outside of your premises. Although you can still carry keys with you, with the new smart lock from August you just don’t have to do it. The system is powered with four AA batteries making it function even if the power is interrupted.

Responsive Door Locking System

With the ingenuity of researchers and engineers that made August Smart Lock, you’ll be surprised how it automatically unlocks the door when you approach the door. The system has sensors which enables you to use no more keys when you arrive at your doorstep. Further, it has also locking sensors which immediately locks the door when you leave. Simply amazing features!

Without a doubt, a very comforting way to enter and leave the house using the sensor defined smart lock system. With this, you’re not going to grab for your phone to unlock the door. This kind of innovation uses the location of your phone in determining when you’re in the house or you’re on your way back.

Intelligent System

August Smart Lock with SmartphoneWith its intelligent system that uses an iOs device for Apple phones and Android for smartphones, you can have a secure way in managing your keyless home entry system right at your fingertips.

Keyless Home Entry System

The door lock system uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) access that requires pairing with your phone. The BLE system can be used for more than a month before replacing the double AA batteries.

When power interruptions occur, you can still access it as long as the batteries are still working. A low battery can never be your problem as well, since low battery notifications are available for you to know ahead of time. Moreover, if for any instance you forget or lost your phone, you are still able to enter the premises using the original key from the outside. This is because August Smart Lock didn’t replace the entire door lock you have.

How to Install

Here is a very cool video by TekHeadz, explaining you the process of installing August smart lock.

Since installation is very stress-free, anyone can certainly install this new lock using just a screwdriver and the compatible deadbolt. Here is a complete overview of how to install the new Smart Lock system:

  • Unscrew the thumb turn of your existing door lock.
  • Get the mounting plate and screw it into the deadbolt and slide the adapter inside the rod that prods in the middle.
  • Simply slide the knurled nob and close the clips.

And holla! You’re done and ready to leave the place anytime. Stop being complex, everything can be made easy, fun and exciting.


• Easy and simple to use
• Instant locking and unlocking made fun and easy using your phone
• No keys required to use the system
• Easy to install the parts and the system


  • Uses only Bluetooth to access the system thus, Wi-Fi is not capable of accessing the system
  • You need to be within 60 feet with your device from the door system to either lock or unlock
  • If you don’t like waiting for as much as at least 30 seconds, this is a drawback since it takes such time to connect to the system to use it

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The overall feature of August’s Keyless Home Entry System makes it a good product. Yes, it can be as functional as you’d expect and has also several limitations. Moreover, this product is a very impressive smart lock system which sincerely makes you feels like you are really living in the future.

It’s not really difficult to love the August Smart Lock (Keyless Home Entry System) since it works absolutely fine. In addition, an easy use capability which uses electronic keys using only your device and a dependable locking and unlocking automation. Indeed, August makes life less complex. Although there might be some minor problems with the online access, these are part of the limitations that the technology is doing.

Like any other smart products available in the market, the modernization that August brings to the locking system will give you what you’ve paid for. A discreet and more polished smart lock, August carries one of the futuristic smart locking system right in front of you.