Best Smart Video Doorbells 2017 – Our Picks and Reviews

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Wireless video doorbells have been so much talked about recently that there’s a phenomenal rise in manufacturers those venture into creating these kind of smart video doorbells. And why not?

Technology is a fast-paced force that is ever changing. Doorbells are not an exception, and they have been the benefitted from technology advancements as well and enhanced their versatility and functionalities. Technology has taken the doorbells until reaching a point to be cutting-edge devices, which alerts the householder from guesses without compromising his personal security. Who would have thought that a doorbell could integrate so much technology within its guts?

A doorbell can produce a video conference between you and the people who are waiting just outside your home, which was thought impossible few years ago.

The primary goal of a doorbell remain the same; however, it has significantly improvised itself by taking advantage of video, WiFi, the internet and it has positioned itself well in the whole ecosystem of wireless home security.

This article is the result of our extensive research about best smart video doorbells which are high-tech pieces of technology that have changed the meaning of safety and comfortableness.

Video doorbells have gained immense popularity during last few years and are here to stay. Look at the rising trend below.

Google Trends Video Doorbells

Google Trends shows an upward trend for Smart Doorbells

Things have changed astonishingly since we published our article about best video intercoms (back in 2013), and our team felt it’s necessary to come up with the list and reviews of top video doorbells that are ranking well in various aspects and are worth the money.

Best Video Doorbell Reviews –  Our Top Choices for 2017

Below compilation and rankings were created by our team after conducting extensive research , considering various benchmarks and consuming loads of coffee.

Below are the shortlisted ones

Detailed Reviews of 6 Top Video Doorbells

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell by Ring

This minimalist (reminds us of Apple’s design)  wireless smart doorbell features a beautiful design and works with Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s surely one of the expensive product in this list, but the exclusivity of this device is evident.

Ring Video DoorbellAs a standard in every intelligent doorbell, it features the capacity to see and speak with your visitors, using your smartphone or your favorite devices. What’s great about this device is that it works with Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t matter where you are, you can see who is behind your door.

It has security features as well, it alerts and makes a live video triggered with its motion detector or by ringing the doorbell. This cutting-edge product has night-vision as well, to complete the security package.

It has a built-in 5200mah Li-On battery, so don’t worry about taking long vacations, the huge battery life will keep your house safe during your holidays.

The doorbell records HD videos, at 720P and 30 fps. It features an encryption of bank-grade, which makes it a strong device with noise cancellation to improve your conversation with visitors. Also, it is equipped with optional cloud recording to captures every activity detected by the product’s motion sensors.

This gadget is easy to install, you don’t need professional help or special tools, and you can install it by yourself in minutes. No wonder, it’s one of the best video smart doorbells out there.

Engadget and 9to5Mac have some great things to say about this one. You can Read our full review.

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Zmodo Greet – Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The design of Zmodo Greet might not be as attractive as the Ring Doorbell. However, it’s much cheaper than the later.

zmodo greet smart video doorbellYou can see and speak with whoever is behind your door with your favorite devices, whether it is a tablet or your smartphone. It has unique features called ‘On-Demand Video,’ which allow you to view live video of your front porch whenever you want.

It’s HD wide-angle lens allows you to see the entire space of your front porch just by sliding your finger across your devices.

On security aspect, it has a Smart Motion Detection; you will receive and alert and recorded video clip if someone rings your bell, walk in front of it or any motion will activate the doorbell.

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SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Version 2.0 Classic

SkyBell has a unique circular shape, and it does not just look but the loads of features that has made this product to our top list.

SkyBell Camera DoorbellIt features a motion sensor that alerts when visitors haven’t even pressed the button. The on-demand feature allows you to open a live video to see who’s there, and it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

What’s most impressive about this product is the presence of night vision.

The doorbell has a wide-angle camera, weatherproof casing and it’s a convenience for those who don’t want to be always interrupted with sound (by activating the silent doorbell mode).

You can set quiet hours to silence notifications and even the chime. With its cloud compatibleness, you can watch the videos that it had recorded earlier.

It has impressive 155º wide angles, so you’re not going to miss anything and enhanced with an HD camera of 720p to see exactly who is looking for you.

Interestingly, the doorbell has mixed reviews online. However, that didn’t deter us from picking this cute little product onto our compilation of best intelligent doorbells. Read our full review of Ring

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Wireless Visual Intercom Doorbell by Xinda

This video intercom doorbell is probably not the most aesthetic of the list and not the cheapest. But, it has everything you may need, Wi-Fi connectivity, night vision features, etc.

Xinda Wireless DoorbellBoasting an antiquated design, it has the feature to see and speak with those who ring the bell, with up to 8 devices. It has the same specifications as the other products on this list.

It supports Android and iOS devices enabling monitoring of your home from anywhere.

The moment your visitors press the button, it will immediately start to record to see and heard everything they are doing while they are waiting for your response.

It has additional features like an advanced infrared light design that allows visitors to be seen clearly.

It is easy to setup, and even easier to install. You won’t need professionals or any special equipment to start using it.

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VTECH IS7121-2 DECT 6.0 2-Handset Video Doorbell Landline Telephone

VTech IS7121-2 has an exclusive design, comes with an affordable price.

VTECH IS7121-2 includes a color display handset for viewing the visitors, so you must carry the handset to see what is going on.

vtech video doorbellYou can see and speak with the people behind the door, and if you don’t want to talk to them, you can see them without being seen.

It has a digital answering system with date and time stamp, and also a digital answering system with up to 14 minutes of recording time, so the product will grab call when you can’t.

This product doesn’t have support for Android or iOS devices. (This could be a serious limitation for some).

Like others, it is easy to install, and you don’t need professional help or any special equipment to install it, so it will be easy to install in minutes.

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Docooler® 7 Inch Kit 1-camera 2-monitor

It’s made with reliable materials like alloy aluminium, and it has a premium design.

Docooler Video Doorbell CameraIt doesn’t feature iOS or Android support to watch what’s going on in your devices, rather is has a 7’’ color TFT LCD.

On security aspect, it has night vision functionalities, lock-control function, but it lacks essential features like recording videos or Wi-Fi connection.

It has volume, brightness and contrast function and up to 16 kinds of doorbell rings. You can install it by yourself just by plugging in the adapter and cable found in the box.

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On this article, we have covered six top smart doorbells that offer lots of functionalities and features. Below comparison chart can help you to see which features are relevant for you.

Video DoorbellBrand/ ModelKey FeaturesSmart Phone IntegrationWi-Fi ConnectivityColor Choices Available?
Ring Video DoorbellRing Wifi DoorbellVideo Monitoring, Wifi Connectivity , Works with Smartphones, Night visiontick symboltick symboltick symbol
zmodo greet smart video doorbellZmodo Greet Smart DoorbellVideo monitoring , Video on-demand, Smart motion detection, HD Lens, Mobile Integrationtick symboltick symbolCross Mark
SkyBell Camera DoorbellSkyBell Video DoorbellSmart phone integration, Works with WiFi, Night Vision, Wide Angle Camera, Silent Mode Option , Motion sensingtick symboltick symboltick symbol
Xinda Wireless DoorbellXinda Wireless Intercom KitWireless Intercom, Video Monitoring , Night vision , Smartphone support, Connect to multiple phonestick symboltick symbolCross Mark
vtech video doorbellVTech IS7121-2 DECTVideo monitoring , Digital answering system , Voice caller ID announcements , Takes picture snapshotsCross MarkCross MarkCross Mark
Docooler Video Doorbell CameraDocooler Video Camera Monitor KitDoorbell Intercom, 7" TFT Screen, IR Camera, Night Vision, 16 doorbell soudsCross MarkCross MarkCross Mark

How to Choose the Best Video Doorbell?

If you would have paid attention to what’s happening at major online stores, you would surely witness the tremendous rise in the number of video doorbells that are available for consumers. There are established brands, new ones, remodeled ones and the upgraded ones. It’s all happening.

So, like in any trending gadget, choosing the right smart video doorbell is becoming a challenging task. It’s not only because of the overwhelming options but because of lack of understanding of consumers on what features are ‘must-have’ and the ‘nice-to-have’.

We are easing your pain a bit by sharing the pointers to select a good video doorbell. This section would give you a first-hand information about how even we shortlisted above products. Again, it’s recommended to go through detailed reviews of video doorbells.

While video doorbell reviews can be of great help, below are some the things you need to consider before buying a good video doorbell. Please note that we do not include Mobile compatibility of Wifi-Connectivity as an aspect to consider because that’s something the products need to have as a default. Else, they are not smart doorbells 🙂

Camera Quality

First things first, the smart doorbells need to have a great camera. We are not talking about 4K videos here, but the integrated camera needs to take decent pictures that can be used for the intended purposes. There’s no fun in seeing a shabby picture that defeats the whole purpose of having a video doorbell. Look for a product that offers HD picture and not to forget the live streaming capability.


Video doorbells provide a 2 -way communication between the caller and you. Though this could be interpreted as a ‘default’ aspect of a smart doorbell, not many products offer a 2-way communication if you start scanning hundreds of products out there. So, make a note here and choose the one that passes above criteria.

Noise Handling

Make sure the device has at least a basic level of noise filtering so that you get a good experience of talking to the person at the door.

Weather Resistance

Again, a must-have feature. Your smart doorbell is expected to handle the bad weather since it’s usually placed outdoors. Again, if you don’t ask, chances are you are going to miss this feature if you are choosing something in a hurry.

Night Vision

It’s a no-brainer that the smart doorbell needs to see the visitors even during nights. So a night vision capability needs to be present on the product.

Motion Detection

Not a must-have feature, but doorbells are having the motion detecting abilities since quite some time now. If you feel that you need to be alerted when someone is near the door (not even pressed the doorbell), then the motion detecting feature would be quite handy. It’s not a just door; you can expect this feature to be useful near the garage or at any other place for that matter.

So, hope above points helped you to understand the basic things to look for when buying a smart video door chime.

Verdict: Which is the Best Smart Video Doorbell?

By looking at above reviews of best smart video doorbells, it’s obvious that you have plenty of options to decide. But we are going to simplify even more your decision, by comparing them and by telling you, the exact traits that make one better than other in several aspects.

If you are looking a budget product, you can go for the SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell that has a competitive price. It has almost every cutting-edge features that others have. The only problem with this video budget doorbell is its durability; it seems that is not as durable as others.

On the other hand, if can spend little more money and not worried about smartphone connectivity features, you can look at Docooler 7-Inch by Duo cooler doorbell. It might lack features like night vision, but is more durable, thanks to its aluminum alloy body.

If you are looking for a comprehensive video doorbell that not only has cutting-edge features but durable as well, then it’s Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Doorbell appears to be the right choice. It has compelling features to put it on the pinnacle of smart video doorbells. It has every cutting-edge that others have, along with a beautiful design and with a good range of colors to pick.