Hearing Impaired Doorbells – Quick Guide and Our Top Picks

jacob jensenA hearing impaired doorbell comes handy when someone in your home has hearing loss or has less hearing ability than the usual standard.

This brings my personal experience into this discussion thread. My mother is hearing impaired from since almost 15 years now, and unfortunately, we were not able to achieve anything progressive regarding treating her hearing condition even after consulting many doctors across different cities.

Fortunately, she can hear from one ear using hearing aid which is made by Siemens.

Various Scenarios/challenges faced by hearing impaired people

Based on the severity of the hearing loss, we can categorize hearing impaired people into below categories.

  • Complete hearing loss: They are unable to respond to telephone calls/alarms and our context, to the sound of a doorbell. Even hearing machines can’t help them. That means they can’t open the door whenever someone rings the bell even if the sound is very loud
  • Respond to specific frequency: They can hear when the sound is of particular frequency
  • Can hear very loud sound: They can hear only very loud sound, but not low sound
  • Can hear with the help of a hearing aid: They are only partially hearing impaired. Means they can hear only when they are wearing the hearing machine. When they remove, they can’t hear anything

Other senses come to the rescue act

Luckily, there are other senses in our body to respond to situations other than ears. We can SEE, we can FEEL the touch. This is where the technology has enabled us to use these senses and improve our response system and lead a normal life.

How to Choose a Wireless Doorbell for Hearing Impaired?

As I mentioned earlier, when you are looking for a hearing impaired doorbell for the deaf people, you must consider below factors into account.

Is the wireless doorbell capable of showing VISUAL notification along with regular sound when someone rings the doorbell?

It becomes easy for the hearing impaired people to spot a blinking light and not depend on sound. They can open the door by identifying which light is blinking in the chime unit. Problem solved 🙂

Is the wireless doorbell has the option of ADJUSTABLE volume control?

You must select a door chime which has adjustable volume control settings. You can set the volume to a very loud setting when you leave your relative(or the one who is hearing impaired) alone at home. It will be useful for him/her to listen to the loud sound and respond to the caller at the door. Again, once you are back home, you can set the volume to the normal sound setting.

Is the doorbell has SPECIAL FREQUENCY sound specially made for hearing impaired?

It’s good to have a wireless doorbell which has a specific sound frequency that helps hearing-impaired people hear when someone rings the doorbell. In the earlier part of this discussion, we mentioned that some people could hear the special frequency of sound depending on their severity of hearing loss. Nowadays many wireless doorbells are having the integration of special frequency sound in the chime unit. For example, Jacob Jensen doorbell has this feature built in.

If you consider above 3 parameters and choose a hearing impaired wireless doorbell which has these factors in it, you would be quite happy and satisfied with your choice.

To help you in searching a suitable hearing impaired doorbell, we have handpicked 5 doorbells that are most appropriate. Take a look at these models.

Our Recommendation for Best Wireless Doorbells for Hearing Impaired People

Needless to mention, we selected these doorbells for deaf people based the selection criteria laid out at the beginning of this article.

1.Honeywell Wireless Doorbell with 6 Visual Notifications – RCWL330A1000/N – This premium wireless doorbell has flashing notifications which are quite helpful if someone in your house is with hearing loss. In fact, we have done a detailed review of this door chime on this blog.

2.Honeywell RCWL105A1003/N Plug-in Wireless Door Chime and Push Button – This inexpensive door chime have a flashing indicator.

3.Wireless Doorbell By Jacob Jensen – This premium doorbell from Jacob Jensen has a unique low-frequency doorbell sound specially designed for hearing impaired. Read our full review here.

4.NuTone Wireless Doorbell with Built-In Strobe Light – This door chime has a built in strobe light which serves as a flashing indicator for hearing impaired.

5.Heath Zenith SL-6144-A Wireless Plug-In Door Chime Kit Flashing Light Perfect For Hearing Impaired – Again, a strong flashing light is included in this well-designed wireless doorbell. Perfect choice for people with hearing loss or even can be useful in noisy environments.

Your Turn

Hope you found this post useful, and the hearing impaired doorbells listed above for your quick reference.  Take your time to read their specs and buy the one that suits your need and budget. We continue to serve you with quality information about wireless doorbells so that you get the doorbell that makes you smile and feel satisfied.