DoorBird Review- Is D202 B Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Worth Your Money?

We have reviewed some of the leading video wireless doorbells in the past, sharing their strengths and weaknesses. It’s fair to say that video doorbells have evolved now and are much efficient and useful tool and add an extra dimension to your home security. Today we have a premium product to be examined and explored and you would already be heard the name. It’s DoorBird D202B. We are presenting a detailed, comprehensive review of Doorbird Doorbell.

Video doorbells have become hugely popular over recent years. They give you the ability to be able to see and communicate with people at your door, from wherever you are in the house or even when you are not there. These smart home devices replace a traditional peephole and are accessed via an app on your smartphone. The image will be streamed to your screen, and two-way communication is possible using your phone and the doorbells speaker and microphone.


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When the DoorBird WiFi Video Doorbell D202B was launched, naturally we heard a lot of buzz about it. Our team decided to review DoorBird by looking at the specifications and features of the device, looking at the history and reputation of the manufacturer, build quality and functionality.

We hope, with this review of DoorBird Doorbell, you will have enough pointers to understand more about the product and decide if it’s the right one for your needs and budget.

Let’s take a closer look at the product in our DoorBird review.

DoorBird Review – Exploring DoorBird D202B WiFi Video Doorbell

To put it simply, the Doorbird video doorbell is a digital home video doorbell that will send live video to your smartphone/tablet and store images to the cloud. When someone rings the doorbell, you can view them and communicate through the smartphone app from wherever you are.

This video doorbell was designed and engineered in Germany, generally a good indicator of quality, precision, and durability. The polycarbonate housing with a stainless steel casing is robust and designed for outdoor use (rated IP54).

DoorBird App

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It features an excellent wide-angle 180° video camera lens at the top of the unit. This is surrounded by night-time infrared LEDs for quality night use. The doorbell features a 180° infrared motion sensor that will alert you to activity on your doorstep even if the button is not pushed. It has a built-in speech enhanced broadband speaker that allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door.

Below all of that is a round stainless steel doorbell button. This illuminates at night by a blue LED ring. Next to that is the microphone which features an active noise-canceling microphone allowing for two-way communication. There is also a light sensor to activate the night-vision feature.

On the sides are slotted to connect the DoorBird to your network as well as to integrate it with electric door/ garage door openers and a traditional doorbell chime. It also has a slot for the power supply.

The kit comes with all the necessary bits and pieces to install, but many users reported the installation process was not a simple as expected. It is not impossible but not exactly plug and play. Once the video doorbell is securely installed, the next step is the Wi-Fi and app setup. Again, many reported this to be far more challenging than expected.

DoorBird V/S Ring Doorbell

Ring video doorbell (read our full review) works similarly. However, there are little differences. Ring too has an excellent motion detection and user-friendly, intuitive app. The design is neat and compact. The audio communication quality is superb.

The best part is that it is Ring video doorbell is significantly less expensive, to the tune of around $150 less (price at the time of publishing this article). You can connect it to a standard 8-24VAC supply or simply use batteries. The only slight drawback is that if it is battery operated, they have to be replaced every so often. Otherwise, it is a well integrated and easy to operate video doorbell.

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Installation only has to be done once and from there on you are fine. There are additional resources to guide and assist you if you have difficulty with the installation or setup.

Once installed and setup the DoorBird will give you very clear images and video both during the day (crisp 720p live video) and at night. The audio quality is perfect for the doorbell speaker but a bit quiet on the other end, listening on your device.

The motion sensor is efficient and reliable but depending on where it is set up, could be too sensitive and pick up traffic far back from the door. There is no way to adjust the sensitivity, so this could pose a problem in certain circumstances. It can be disabled if required.

DoorBird Compitability

Image: DoorBird Website

The app itself once installed and connected is user-friendly and easy to operate. It works well on iOS as well as Android. You can set up your preferences such as push notifications to your mobile device for when the doorbell is pressed or the motion sensors detect movement. You can also set up a hands-free mode so visitors do not have to press the button to talk and you can adjust the speaker volume.

Images are stored in the cloud, but video can only be viewed as a live feed on the app.

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  • User-friendly app
  • Great video and photo quality
  • Great 180° camera angle
  • Good night vision
  • No sensitivity adjustment on motion sensor
  • No video storage (this is expected as a future upgrade)
  • Electrical power supply only, no battery option

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Final Verdict – Is DoorBird Worth Its Hefty Price Tag?

There is no doubt that this is a quality product. It is a bit on the pricey side, and it might be a bit tricky to set up, but once that is done, it works perfectly well. The video and image quality is great, and the app works well. The motion diction is reliable and it the live feed to your smartphone will help you keep an eye on things if you are away from home. It will certainly enhance the security of your home and give you peace of mind when you are away.

Hope this doorbird review offered you significant insights into the product.