For Wood Lovers- Review of Heath Zenith SL-6510 Wireless Chime with Push Button

zenith doorbellWhile plastic body door chimes are dominating the doorbell market, doorbells with wood finish are liked by many who are particular about buying a door chime that matches with their home decor.

We constantly research for products that are functional and as well as appealing. One of such attractive pick was Heath-Zenith’s SL-6510. And, it has a stunning wood finish design !

Our Quick Review of Heath-Zenith SL-6510 Wireless Chime

SL-6510 wireless door chime from Heath Zenith is one of those attractive options with wood finishing. Being a wireless doorbell, as usual, you don’t have to worry about electrical wiring and related hassles. Ease of installation is one of the main advantages why people prefer wireless doorbell over a wired doorbell.

Coming back to the design of this door chime, a wooden finishing (comes with solid birch colour) is surely candy to your eyes as it can very well go with your wooden furniture range. This door chime measures 3 x 6.4 x 9.4 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds. You don’t have to worry about installation; you just need to mount this door chime wherever you want.

Door chime sound is great, pleasant and not very loud. You can select from 128 code settings to make sure that your neighbour’s doorbell doesn’t interfere with your doorbell.

Hope you now have some insights into this great looking wood finished wireless doorbell.