A Musical Treat – Our Review of Heath Zenith SL-6164-B Wireless Doorbell

64 tune door chimeLove music? How about setting a different chime tune every day so that you get a chance to hear a different melody every time someone rings the bell?

The answer lies in Heath Zenith’s SL-6164-B wireless doorbell which offers you 64 chime sounds to choose from. Isn’t it very cool?

Quick Review of Heath Zenith’s SL-6164-B wireless doorbell

Heath Zenith wireless doorbell – SL-6164-B looks very elegant and has good design elements in it which are very evident in both door chime and the buzzer.

This doorbell measures 1.6 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches and covers 100ft of range in your home. We would say that the operating range of this doorbell is not as great as of Honeywell’s 450ft ranged wireless doorbell, but if your house is small or medium-sized, then the operating range of 100ft would surely fit your needs. If you are in confusion about how to choose the right wireless doorbell or what are the things to see when buying a wireless doorbell, then you shouldn’t miss reading this page of our blog.

There are some useful features in this doorbell such as adjustable volume control and the usual advantages of being “wireless” (no messy wires). However, we would say the biggest highlight of this product is its wide range of doorbell sounds to select from.

As per our observation of multiple user reviews at leading online marketplaces, who bought this product, we found that people LOVED this product because of it’s fun to have a door chime which provides you with a HUGE selection of chime sounds which in turn you can set based on a particular occasion at your home. For example, people mentioned that they played chime sounds of Frosty the Snowman during the Christmas. So, you can do the same with other fun filled events as well.

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Door Chime Specifications

Operating Range100 Ft
No Of Doorbell Sounds64
Décor (Body)plastic
Home Security FeaturesWorks with push multiple buttons
Visual Alerts
Size1.6 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches

See full user reviews, price and rating on Amazon

Your Turn

Is Heath Zenith wireless doorbell a right fit for your home? We would say, it depends on – Especially if you are looking for wide range of door chime sounds to select from, then you must go for this doorbell. Again, on the flip side, the transmission range of 100ft might be a concern for you if your house is huge and you wanted a doorbell which covers a wide range. If that is the case, then we advise you first to take a look at the detailed article which explains you about how to choose the right wireless doorbell for your home. And again, there are LOTS of doorbell reviews posted here on this blog.