Blink Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection – Review

Home security cameras assist homeowners in protecting their houses by offering much more relieved state of mind. Having said that, it’s not very uncommon to hear that people face a lot of hassles about needing to wire their video security cameras, which makes the process of installation a trouble and restricting the places wherever they can be installed or even put.

Battery-run, portable security systems have gained immense popularity over last few years, and they are now much stronger than their earlier models.

In today’s review, we picked up one such portable home security video camera system to explore its features, advantages and we’ll see how it offers an excellent return on investment.

Blink Home Security Camera System – Introduction

Blink Home Security Camera ImageBlink Home Security Camera system enables you to place a digital camera almost anyplace. This means that you can very easily safeguard the windows, the doorways, and simply about any place in the home you want to keep close track of. Batteries of the Blink are approximated to go on no less than a year; therefore you do not have to change them often.

The typical home security system for monitoring can hit you up for 100s of bucks only for installation and let alone the technology. For individuals who are searching for tracking by an observatory centre, there are additional month-to-month expenses included with that as well. Most of the time, having to pay a greater cost is not to mean that you are getting a high-quality product or service. For that reason, instead of select an item depending on the tag price, this is time to determine on a product depending on the security capabilities, advantages, and features.

Review of Blink Home Security Camera System

Blink Home Security Camera PictureThe highlight of the product is that it’s portable and low-cost. Let us begin by taking a look at why is the Blink Home Security System is on our top list like an advantageous home security alarm which warrants a review.

Features And Specifications

High Definition Video

Blink cameras can capture up to 720p High Definition video. Although it is not the maximum resolution possibly, you are assured of a clear, crisp picture.

Motion Detection

You will get the option to switch on the motion detection additionally. Therefore any detected motion can trigger an HD video clip 5-60 sec long based on the preference of the user.

Quick Alerts

Blink provides push notifications which are transferred to your mobile including a link to the HD video clip to ensure that you can make a decision on how you would like to respond.

Live View

It’s very simple to access your LIVE video stream via the Blink app. It is beneficial if you want to keep an eye on a loved ones and mostly when you are far away from your home.

Instant On

This particular Blink camera has a nearly instant recording program which starts in a small fraction of a second as soon as the recording was activated.

Low Light Illumination

Although Blink does not come with the night vision recording system, it comes with a pre-installed LED illuminator which makes sure that you always get a good picture regardless of what time of the day it is.

Built-in Microphone

Blink cameras come being designed with a powerful microphone to ensure that you can listen what is happening at your home. However, you cannot take advantage of the Blink as an intercom.

Automatic Disarm/Arm Function

Although, you can disarm/arm always the system by hand; Additionally, Blink offers you the option to create a schedule. Let’s say that you need this armed whenever you leave for the day, you can easily set this to arm at 8-a.m and after that disarm as soon as you get home back around at 5-p.m.

Voice Handled Via Alexa

As the latest improvement of the impressive system, you can arm/disarm Blink cameras via Amazon Alexa. You just have to install a Home skill and then ask the Alexa to carry the task out.

Blink Home Security Camera Image SideviewBlink is undoubtedly one of the highly efficient Wi-Fi camera systems you may have experienced for your home. To begin with, it is simple to install. Once you have downloaded the application and have created an account with the Blink, the next thing you connect to Sync Module. As soon as the Sync Module is linked, after this, you have to add your blink cameras. You can instantly begin watching your video stream once the system allows the Blink system.

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  • It has easy and quick installation process in comparison to some other home security systems available in the marketplace these days
  • It does not involve any contract
  • It does not require monthly fees for monitoring
  • It makes use of a 720 High Definition camera which is clear and sharp and even can take photos away from 20 -32 feet
  • You can view live your space in real time
  • The application is simple to use and also it is nifty
  • It does not include wires
  • It works on AA-lithium batteries
  • You can adjust the configurations of the camera
  • You can synchronise as much as 10 gadgets- a gadget is either an alarm or a camera
  • It is economically priced
  • You will have to meet some requirements for the installation process – 2.4 GHz 802.11 Wi-Fi having a minimum bandwidth speed of 1.5 Mbps
  • You have to store your videos only on the servers of the company- It is not a good aspect if you desire to store your photos or videos on your computer
  • It does not consist of an alarm system – though one is in works
  • It does not include add-ons or accessories
  • You can view one camera at a time only

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If you are searching for easy home security camera system which is very simple to setup and user-friendly after that Blink might be a nice option for you. This is quite simple to make use of, and it provides you with a great camera with low light night vision, HD recording, and digital zoom.

It’s a home security camera system with a surprisingly low point of entry when it comes to the price. However, if you are looking for more sophisticated features and monitoring, you might want to look for advanced products out there. After all, home security segment offers you almost infinite options to choose from depending on your budget.