Netgear Arlo Wireless Security Camera System Review

Before we review Netgear Arlo Wireless Security Camera System in this post, let’s take a step back and understand why home security is so much vital these days.

Security Guards can’t cover everything.

If you are a kind of person who is worried about the safety of your family and your home, then you want to make sure you have the best security system at your side. There are some ways to do that. You can get security guards and let them walk around your home for twenty-four hours a day.

family home pictureBut the security guards can also be lazy, or they can do things which they should not. There is always a doubt in your mind that they may turn against you. In that case, you need to monitor them as well. So what you will do? Hire more guards who can keep an eye on the previously hired guard? It is obvious you will not do such a thing. In this case, the best option for you is to choose surveillance cameras. It can be a hectic task to install those surveillance cameras in every corner of your home. You need a system which can be less troublesome for you and at the mean time fulfill your needs as well.

Thankfully, there are a lot of products available with a full range of choice when it comes to wireless home security.

But the more opportunity to choose from you have the more confusing to get to select one product which can be useful to you. The choosing the right product part can spin your head faster than the Pulsar.

That brings us to Netgear Arlo security camera system review.

“You need something which is convenient to use, does not compromise on the quality, latest features installed in it and the last thing but not the least which is the price on which it is being sold”

We have been reviewing a quite a few number of home security products on our website, and in today’s review, we have chosen a gadget that is talked about a lot and let’s explore how it scores in various department.

Netgear Arlo Wireless Security Camera System – Our Comprehensive Review

The Arlo Security System Camera, made by Netgear provides you with all of the functionalities you have been looking for in one package. The use of the camera with wires can give you extra problems rather than solving your existing problems. All of us hates to see too many wires around us so is it not better to get rid of them?

Arlo WireFree Security Cameras

It’s Wireless

The Arlo Security System provides you wireless setup of the surveillance cameras. These cameras are water proof as well. That means you can use this camera indoors and outdoors as well. The Arlo Security System is weather proof, so you need not worry about what kind of weather is. The Arlo Security System is very easy to set up; it will only take about fifteen to twenty minutes to fix the cameras at their position, and then you are ready to see what is going on in the camera’s range.

So now you must be wondering that if there are no power supply wires then how these cameras can work? The Netgear used CR123 Lithium Batteries in the cameras of the Arlo Security System. The battery provides all the functions which power consuming beasts.

Installing Arlo Wireless Security System

These cameras run on batteries without sacrificing the service such as night vision, motion detection, and HD video resolution. The battery is promised to run for 4 to 6 months, for the medium of heavy usage respectively. You can increase the battery life by changing the settings just by a little bit.

Once we have installed the cameras, then the next step is to connect to the base station. The videos are streamed on your mobile or computer application. Once you have installed the application then the control of the cameras is right in your palms. We observed that the video stream quality of these cameras is more than satisfactory.

You need not worry about the storage of the videos because the package comes with a 1 GB of cloud storage for seven days free and this basic plan allows you to use five cameras at one time. You can free up the storage by deleting the old videos. That is the basic package, but if you want to upgrade, then you can do that at any time.

The upgraded plan can give you more cloud storage space, up to 100 GB to be precise and 60 days of storage. The first plan is only for ten dollars per month with 10 GB of cloud storage space for 30 days. It also allows using double the number of cameras at one time as compared to basic plan. The second plan provides 100 GB of cloud storage for 60 days with camera usage of up to 15 in the price of fifteen dollars.


The design of the cameras in Arlo security camera system is pretty good. The Arlo Security System is the winner of Reddot Design Awards 2015. The flexibility of these cameras is not compromised either. They are pretty reliable. There are a lot of mounts in the package to place the cameras. If you do not like the cameras to be set up in an upright position, then you can choose the mounts to put them at walls, the trees present outside of your home, and to the position which is at some height. The cameras cannot be moved around by using the application, which is a drawback.

The SmartPhone App

Arlo Wireless Security CamerasIf your cameras are working and you have your mobile with you, then you will be notified for every motion of audio detection. You can use you Arlo Security System according to your use. You can edit your preferences to your liking by using your mobile application. There are a lot of personalizations options, the geo-fencing, custom modes and the IFTTT are just a few to name.

The most interesting thing in the Arlo Security System is that you can share the video with your loved ones as well. If they have the application, then they can see what is going on your side if you allow them the access.

The Arlo Security System’s app will let you select the timings of your choice for surveillance. You can personalize it according to your needs. For example, if there is no need to keep the cameras running then you should turn them off by using your mobile application. You can set the working hours for the cameras. This will help you to maintain the battery life of these cameras if you do not want to buy extra batteries after each three months.

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Any Shortcomings?

One downside of the cameras is that they are not secured enough when they are placed outside. The optimal position to put these cameras is ten to twenty feet. It is good to place them inside of your home or at height. But if you do so then the quality of surveillance will be sacrificed.

The cameras do not directly connect to the wifi. This can prove to be battery saving function. You can use the base station to connect the USB storage sticks which will allow you to store the video data directly on them. So the storage problems can be solved by this solution. If you are using the Arlo Security System without battery optimization, then you will get the notification about everything which goes on in the range of the camera. This will drain the battery faster, so do not forget to optimize the usage.

If you want to see Arlo Security Cameras in action, then below video by Digital Trends can give you a glimpse of the product.

  • The set up of the cameras is simple.
  • The camera captures video at 720p resolution which is good enough.
  • The real-time monitoring is made easy by the application provided by Netgear
  • Motion activated cameras with night vision
  • They are weatherproof
  • Award winning design
  • If the sensitivity settings are set too high, then it will affect the battery life.
  • The battery performance can be a letdown. You have to optimize the usage to increase the battery life. If you do not maximize the usage, then the battery may run out of power in just 3 to 4 months.

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Hope, in this Arlo security camera review, you have picked up the vital details that would help you to decide if you should go for this product or not. What we conclude here is the system provided by Netgear is superb in its price range with a lot of positive points. We observed that positive things about this system could put a cover on the negatives if you manage the system wisely.