Review of Fortress GSM-B Wireless Home Security Alarm System

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Home security is important. But we all know that with high-tech home security, comes those high monthly bills.

Fortress GSM B Home Security Alarm SystemAnd that’s where the Fortress GSM-B comes in. It is a high-tech security system that can be wirelessly monitored and does not cost a hefty monthly fees.

The whole system is completely wireless; the main console keeps track of all the remote sensors that fitted throughout your house and sets off the alarm in the event of a break in.

And that’s all for the introduction, let’s dive straight into it and see why you should look forward to  this security system instead of others.

What Comes In The Box:

Fortress Box

  • 1 GSM main panel
  • 3 remote control fobs
  • 3 Standard Motion Detectors
  • 10 Contact Sensors for Doors and Windows
  • Ear Piercing 130dB Fortress Internal Siren
  • 130dB Outdoor/Indoor Siren (5ft 110V wall adapter)
  • Panic Button

This is of course a DIY home security system, which brings me to my next point.

Why This Product Wins Your Heart?

The first thing to love, is the functionality. Yes, you get all the functionality that those high-tech, super-expensive home security systems have, minus the hefty monthly fee of course.

It is completely wireless. And that’s not it, the system is equipped with an integrated GSM dialer. When the alarm is triggered, the dialer either calls your phone, or sends out a text to up to 6 numbers.

The remote tracking and control is one of the most attractive aspects of this security system. One can call the system at any time and inspect the condition of the remote sensors and the overall security system. Besides that, the system can be armed or disarmed from a remote location, along with the ability to use the intercom.

You can’t just rely on one system to trust your house. And with the dual network protection you can assign alternate services to be used by your system to alert you of a break in. In this model, you can link the system to both, your landline and the GSM SIM card.

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All The Features of GSM-B

  • You can expand the system up to 99 sensor units. 92 units can be wireless and the remaining 7 can be wired.
  • A zone can accommodate up to 10 sensors that are configurable.
  • The system can trigger alarm even in cases such as fire, smoke and gas; not just limited to security.
  • The GSM technology allows you to control the system through text messages.
  • Once the alarm is triggered, it informs you in which zone the alarm was triggered.
  • It can store the history of the last 30 alarms.
  • You can record a 10 second message to be played when the alarm is triggered.
  • You can remotely listen to the activity via the mic jack through your phone.
  • Sensor batteries can last up to 24 months, and the backup battery of the main unit lasts up to 72 hours.

Final Verdict

To cut the chase, the GSM-B is definitely one of the best home security alarm systems that does not cost much, even when you want to expand it. Besides that, it whole system can be programmed to work as per your requirements.