Review of Zmodo Pivot Wireless Security Camera System – All-In-One Smart Home Hub

While you would think that you have already witnessed the best of best home security gadgets already, and there is nothing new that can be offered in this space? Think again – Zmodo is here!

Why Home Security Cameras?

In our modern days, there is a need for installing high-security cameras that would enable us to prevent thefts or crimes from taking place. They could be of great help to the security agencies while investigating such crimes.

Smart home are becoming more and more common.

Without any doubt, the Zmodo Pivot wireless security camera is one such device to enhance the security aspect of your home. Let’s see what this product has to offer.

Our Review of Zmodo Pivot Wireless Security Camera and All-In-One Smart Home Hub

zmodo wireless security camera

About Zmodo

The credit for manufacturing this device should go to Zmodo Technology Corporation. Before going deep into the review of this camera, you should have a fair idea about who the manufacturers of the camera are.

About the Company

The Company has a tremendous record of manufacturing the highest quality video products all over the world. They have entered the field of home security in a big way. Some of the products manufactured by the company include the wireless security kit, the professional IP camera, as well as other security camera equipment.

The Company specializes in offering home security as well as professional security solutions as well. The Company also manufactures door and window sensors as well as a smart Wi-Fi video doorbell. They also make Network video recorder systems that are capable of recording every activity around the house and your office.

zmodo IP Camera


Product Specifications

Weighing just 1.7 pounds, Zmodo smart hub is a relatively light product. A camera with a 1080 pixel resolution makes it one of the most sophisticated security cameras in the market.

Camera Features

It has a rotating camera capable of rotating at an angle of 360 degrees. This ensures that the camera is capable of capturing any picture from any angle. The device consists of a 1080 pixel camera which is excellent in taking high-resolution images. With a storage capacity of 16 GB, this can store a good quantity of data.

It’s Smart hub, not just a camera

The pivot is much more than a mere camera. You can use it as a hub for connecting many smart devices that include door sensors and window sensors. You will also be able to choose the areas where the pivot rotates as it opens each sensor.

Some More Details about Zmodo Pivot Smart Hub

Full HD Pictures and Good Storage

You will be able to monitor what is happening in and around your house in full HD as the camera can move at every angle covering every part of your house in the perfect manner. The camera has an incredibly high storage capacity of 16 GB making it easy to store the recordings of many days of video without having to incur any additional payment for fees.

Smartphone App

The camera can alert you, meaning that you will get timely alerts on your smartphone when it detects any significant motion. The best part is that the camera can do even if it is outside the field of view. The camera will record a short clip and immediately send an alert to your phone prompting you to playback the same.

zmodo app

Zmodo integrates with your smartphone

Easy Setup

You don’t have to face the hassles of complicated installation procedures while setting this thing up. Zmodo pivot security camera is the easy setup. You can do so easily with the help of the Zmodo mobile application. The creation of the account is the first step where you will have to enter your Wi-Fi password.

The Zmodo’s SmartLink will immediately swing into action. You will be able to view from remote locations directly on your phone making it that much comfortable to you. You can also control the system from anywhere through your smartphone.

Motion Sensing

The Pivot can sense movements with high accuracy. It is capable of detecting the slightest movement to alert you when your doors or windows are open. This system comes with a couple of door sensors and window sensors as well.

Temperature Reading & Other Cool Features

One more aspect of the camera is that it will allow you to make a note of the temperature and humidity readings as well. The Pivot can act as a Bluetooth speaker enabling you to converse with the people at home from anywhere.

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Now, let us now look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

  • The 1080 pixel camera can capture images of high quality and even at night time
  • The camera can rotate 360 degrees and takes good snaps
  • 16 GB inbuilt storage
  • Simple setup procedure
  • it senses temperature and humidity as well
  • Works as motion detector
  • The two-way audio allows you to have conversations with your family
  • You can control the camera through a smartphone application
  • You will not be able to adjust the camera in a vertical position
  • Though compatible with Wi-Fi, this system does not work with the 5 GHz WI-Fi networks
  • The motor is a bit noisy at times

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Packed with great utility features and smartphone integration (which is a norm nowadays), Zmodo smart hub will go a long way in enhancing security aspect of your home.

Though it has few limitations, we felt it quite smart and well designed. Our team recommends Zmodo Smart Hub for sure.