Honeywell Wireless Doorbells – Reviews of Top 4 Doorbells That are Ruling Hearts Since Years

Honeywell has been frontrunner since years when it comes to home automation products that are the result of extensive innovation and they keep delivering the top notch products exactly the way people want.

We have seen spectacular advancements in wireless doorbell space over last 5 years and what’s (not) surprising is some of the doorbells that Honeywell is offering still rule the ranking charts and hearts of the people.

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There are many reasons why these products by Honeywell strike a chord with customers. In this article, we are reviewing 4 such wireless doorbells that are extremely popular in the market. In fact, the chances are that you already have one of these installed at your home.

Let’s reveal the names and move on to detailed reviews of each of those.

Reviews of 4 Best Wireless Doorbells by Honeywell

RCWL330A1000/N P4 Wireless Doorbell

Honeywell RCWL330A1000/NThis wireless doorbell impresses you straight away with it’s sleek and modern design and the very obviously seen visual indicators on the front side of door chime. This doorbell has 6 flashing notifications. If you want to know why flashing notifications are important features to have, please read this blog post (point # 5).

Doorbell scores heavily in one of the critical aspects while selecting a wireless doorbell, i.e., operating range. With operating range of 450ft, this doorbell is well equipped to cover most of the area of your house, and you won’t be missing any caller at the door. The inadequate operating range is one of the main disappointments and reason why people end up buying a wrong wireless doorbell.

Coming to design part, Honeywell wireless doorbell is sleek and stylish, created from UV resistant plastic. The white colour doesn’t fade away quickly and is durable. Push button also has LED indicator, and the chime has 6 flashing indicators. Push button has it’s own battery to operate (See the figure on the right side).

This premium wireless doorbell offers great features such as compatibility with a multiple numbers of door bell push buttons located at different Doorbell Buttonentrances, thus enhancing your home security measures. Apart from this, the door chime also is compatible with motion sensors and door contacts so that you can be altered in case anyone approaches near your home.

long range doorbellThis doorbell chime has great CD quality sound, adjustable volume and has 6 sounds/tunes to select from. Ding Dong, St. Clements, Westminster, Tube Chime, Warm Brass, and Fantasy.

Overall, because of it’s appealing design, compatibility with multiple push buttons, integration with home security accessories and a long operating range, this door chime is an excellent choice for your home. You can always take a look at full user reviews at Amazon

Let’s quickly take a look at technical specifications of this door chime.

Chime Specifications
Operating Range : 450 Ft

No Of Doorbell Sounds: 6

Décor (Body) : UV resistant plastic

Home Security Features : Works with up to 6 Push Buttons, Motion detectors

Visual Alerts : 6 flashing alerts

Colour : White/Black

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Honeywell RCWL251A1005/N Wireless Doorbell

Honeywell doorbellA Wireless doorbell is quite useful if you want to get rid of complex wiring requirements of traditional doorbells and want to have a flexibility of having multiple doorbell buttons.

As technology has improved our lives remarkably, wireless doorbells are also not left behind.

Nowadays a wireless doorbell can integrate with various home security accessories such as motion sensors, offering you complete peace of mind.

Many homes today now using home automation technology, especially people who live a hectic lifestyle, to make their lives more manageable and comfortable.

There are quite a few manufacturers out in the market who produce a variety of doorbells. The range of products in this category is quite vast ranging from a simple doorbell to complete home security suite.

What’s critical is you should get a doorbell or door chime that suits your requirements. That’s why it becomes quite mandatory that you are layout your specifications clearly and look for a doorbell that meets your needs.

You should check whether the door chime offers quite good operating range, whether it has a good build quality and many other things like that. You shouldn’t pick up something in a hurry by its first look and end up dissatisfying yourself once you go home to find that the door chime has fundamental issues.

In-Depth Review of Honeywell RCWL251A1005/N Wireless Doorbell

We will examine RCWL251A1005/N from Honeywell and provide you in-depth information about what this product is going to offer you regarding features and benefits. This review can be quite handy for you in comparing your needs versus features of this product.

At the end of the day, you should get a product which offers you real benefits, not because it has lots of features.

Chime Specifications
Operating Range : 450 Ft

No Of Doorbell Sounds : 6

Décor (Body) : Plastic

Home Security Features : Works with up to 6 Push Buttons, Motion detectors

Visual Alerts : Low Battery Indicator

Color : White

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Honeywell RCWL251A1005/N Decor Wireless Door Chime and Push Button has quite simple design and goes well with your existing wall/home decor. It offers the flexibility of mounting it either horizontally or vertically. In fact, you can cover up existing holes with a door chime. Installation is an easy affair.

This is a battery operated door chime measuring 11.8 x 8.4 x 2.7 inches in dimensions (medium size) and comes in white colour. Regarding home security enhancement features, this door chime works with up to 6 doorbell buttons, motion detectors, window or door contacts. It means that you get extra security features along with the door bell functionality.

This doorbell from Honeywell gives you 6 selectable chime sounds so that you can experiment with various tones as you wish and the volume can be adjusted according to the situation.

And the chime sound is great. You won’t certainly complain about it !!

Most importantly, this door chime has an operating range of 450ft which is quite good for medium to big houses. Operating range is probably most important feature when selecting a wireless device such as door bell. Because if the range is inadequate to cover your home area, then you have chosen a wrong product. However, this door bell excels in this department as well and works up to 450 ft of operating range. Please note that you need not always go for a higher range doorbell, it depends on upon your house measuring area and design (obstacles, etc.). But going for a higher range is always good.

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Honeywell RCWL3505A Wireless Doorbell

31h-wfStcAL._SX385_If you are looking for a premium door chime that is elegant, customizable and that fits well into your existing home decor, then RCWL3505A from Honeywell is the perfect door chime for you.

This wireless doorbell is very easy to install and has an excellent operating range of 450 ft. You can fit this door chime either horizontally or vertically.

Another addition to its premium features is its compatibility with motion detectors and ability to work with multiple push buttons. This door chime works with 6 push buttons.

The RCWL3505A has six (6) selectable chime tunes, fully adjustable volume, CD quality sound, and visual alerts such as low battery indicators on the push button and the door chime.

Honeywell RCWL3505A impresses you with its flawless performance, reliable wireless range and a design that blends well with your existing home interiors.
If you are stuck with an old doorbell which has poor reception or small volume, check out this wireless doorbell from Honeywell which overwhelms you with its superior features.
Chime Specifications

Operating Range : 450 Ft

No Of Doorbell Sounds : 6

Décor (Body) : Wood Finish

Home Security Features : Works with up to 6 Push Buttons, Motion detectors

Visual Alerts : Yes – Low Battery Indicator

Colour : Burlywood

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Honeywell RCWL3501A1004/N Wireless Doorbell

Honeywell RCWL3501A1004/NHoneywell is a Fortune 100 company and is a specialist in Automation and control area with full range of product offerings in home automation segment. In fact, we have published many reviews of wireless door chimes majority of which are by Honeywell.

Continuing our efforts to provide you more and more useful/reliable information about great quality door chimes, today we are putting up a review of another excellent wireless door chime RCWL3501a1004/N by Honeywell.

Needless to mention, as usual, we handpick the best-rated products from wide range of selection available.

This is a door chime which is decorative and will appeal to you if you are looking for a door chime which combines essential, advanced features along with decorative elements integrated into the design.

Detailed Review of Honeywell RCWL3501A1004/N Wireless Doorbell

First of all, the metallic/glass inspired look of this door chime will surely attract you, and if you are very particular about getting a doorchime which could match your home decor, then you should shortlist this door chime. Of course, we recommend you to the read further review so that you know what are the features that the door chime is going to offer and find out it’s suitability to your requirement.

You shouldn’t be making the very common mistakes while buying a wireless door chime and we won’t let you do that anyways 🙂

Coming back to this decorative door chime, it measures 11.9 x 8.4 x 2.6 inches, comes in silver colour and has a very stylish look.

Operating range of this door chime is powerful (450 ft) enough to cover most of the area of your house. Door chime offers 6 chime sounds to select from and has fully adjustable volume settings. Sound quality is excellent and is on par the with the sound of CD quality. Like many other wireless door chimes, this model also runs on batteries, and there are low battery indicators both on the chime and push button.

Coming to advanced features, integration ability with home security accessories is one of the important factors to be considered while choosing a wireless door chime and this piece from Honeywell surely scores good marks in this aspect. This door chime works with up to 6 push buttons, motion sensors and door contacts for additional security.

Wireless door chimes have lots of advantages such as ease of installation, freedom from wires and flexibility of installing them either horizontally or vertically. This door chime is no exception to that.

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Here are quick specifications of the product.

Chime Specifications
Operating Range : 450 Ft

No Of Doorbell Sounds : 6

Décor (Body) : Glass/Metal inspired look plastic

Home Security Features : Works with up to 6 Push Buttons, Motion detectors

Visual Alerts : Low battery indicators on chime and push button

Colour : Silver

Concluding Thoughts

With right alignment with ongoing consumer needs and appropriate pricing, Honeywell is here to stay and continue to rule the hearts of the people.