iDoorcam – An Interesting Project by Indiegogo which Allows You to Answer Door Using Your Phone

Update : iDoorCam is now SkyBell. We have updated all the necessary links to reflect SkyBell’s links. To learn about SkyBell doorbell, you can read this post and this as well.

We have been keeping our eyes on the latest trends in wireless technology sphere and specifically when something is related to wireless doorbells and integrations of other accessories with it.

Wireless doorbells have evolved to a great extent, and we can clearly witness this evolution as they can now integrate perfectly with other home security accessories such as motion sensors and door contacts.

How about the leveraging growth of WiFi and 3G technologies,  improvements in smartphones and creating a useful product that changes the way how people respond to visitors at their doors? How about taking a simple idea and produce a beautiful product which is not only useful to you but very easy to install and setup?

That’s where an exciting project is being created by Indiegogo. Take a look at iDoorCam, a project which is being developed by Indiegogo. We recently came across their website and were quite impressed with their idea and the way they are addressing needs of people with their simple yet beautiful device called iDoorcam.

Hold on; there is a lot to talk about this project. Let’s begin with a picture if iDoorCam itself.

Your iPhone and iDoorCam device

Answer Your Door By Phone

How iDoorCam Works?

iDoorCam is installed your door. When a visitor presses the doorbell button, iDoorCam connects to your home WiFi the feed is transferred to your mobile device over WiFi or cellular network. You can see and hear who is at the door and they can hear you.

As straightforward and brilliant as that.

Want To Know More?

You should head over to the official page of the project.

Current status of the project: Indiegogo has finished hardware design and created a working prototype. Next steps are to complete the software part, launch the app and execute manufacturing. Since the project is developed under the crowd-funding model, you can also contribute to this project. Of course, you will receive perks from Indiegogo for your contribution.

Your Turn

Hope you liked this exciting project by Indiegogo. When we look back, we feel so thrilled that how technology has eased our lives by inventing so many devices for bringing control of our lives on our fingertips. The whole ecosystem seems to be RIGHT at the moment as different devices are syncing well with each other.

We, at thrive to bring you more of such exciting stories to read, news about latest trends so that you are aware what’s happening around you.

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