Most Popular Wireless Doorbells and Push Buttons of the Month [Ranked]

Welcome to another round up of best selling wireless doorbells and wireless push buttons (See old rankings)

It’s interesting to see that Honeywell still dominates the rankings with RCWL300A1006 occupying the top slot. We also saw couple of new entrants such as SadoTech wireless doorbell featuring in this ranking list for the first time.

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Best Selling Wireless Doorbells – June 2014

We have done the hard work of carefully examining the buying trends on our website site and combined that data with rankings on to bring you this compilation of most popular wireless doorbells and push buttons for the month of June-2014.

After all, we want you to get the best deal !

Let’s jump straight to rankings then.




10 Most Popular Wireless Doorbells – June 2014

  1. RCWL300A1006 – This tops our ranking chart, mainly because of its advanced features and integration facilities with various home security devices. This model is honeywell wireless doorbelldoing exceeding well both on our site and on Amazon. A great product by Honeywell
  2. RCWL330A1000  – Another best selling , premium wireless doorbell by Honeywell. Read our full review
  3. RCWL105A1003 – Plugin wireless doorbell by Honeywell
  4. RCWL110A1006 – Wall-mount type wireless door-chime by Honeywell. This was featured in 10 Good Quality Wireless Doorbells under $20
  5. GE 19216 Wireless DoorChime
  6. Heath Zenith SL-6167-C – Wireless-Plug-In Doorbell by Heath Zenith
  7. RCWL3502A1002 – Decor doorbell by Honeywell
  8. Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell – Ranked in Top 10 Decorative Wireless DoorbellsRead our review
  9. 1ByOne Wireless Doorbell – New entrant to this list
  10. SadoTech Wireless DoorChime – New entrant to this list. Read our full review.

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Updated 29-Jun-2014

Push Buttons

  1. RPWL300A1007/A –  A Decor Wireless Surface Mount Push Button by Honeywell
  2. RPWL301A1006/A  – Decor Wireless Surface Mount Push Button by HoneywellDoorbell Button
  3. Carlon Wireless Push-Button – New entrant, sold by 1800Doorbell
  4. SL-6190-B – Wireless Battery Operated Push Button by Heath Zenith
  5. SL-6201 – Wireless Push Button by Heath Zenith
  6. SL-6193-B – Wireless Battery Operated Push Button by Heath Zenith

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Updated 29-Jun-2014

Your Turn

We saw that Honeywell and Heath Zenith dominate the top rankings, however it’s interesting to see new entrants are making their ways to the best seller ranking list.

Which one of your personal favorite among above? Do let us know.