Review of Uniden UDW10003 Wireless Video Surveillance Portable Security System

Getting a private security is becoming very much essential to modern generation households, considering the various types of threats they need to endure.

There are different options available when someone decides to procure a home security equipment and get it installed at his/her homes. One of the best options amongst those is opting for a video surveillance system.

What is a Video Surveillance System?

This is a vast topic, and we are focussing on portable video surveillance systems that can be used for homes. These are electronic systems consisting of digital cameras and an LCD/LED screen for watching the picture/videos.

Being portable devices, they allow you to carry the monitor unit along with you within home or office.

There are many makes and models of such portable video surveillance systems in the market. We have gone through several such models, hand-picked few gems from the list.

One of them is Uniden UDW10003 Wireless Video Surveillance Portable Security System.

Our Team’s Review of Uniden UDW10003 Wireless Video Surveillance Portable Security System


This is portable in nature can easily be moved anywhere you want to take it. Measuring 5.2×1×3.2 inches, it is a very handy system, weighing just 10.7 ounces. It comes with 1 monitor and 4 portable cameras.

Uniden Surveilance System

You can see the infra-red LEDs (right side image) which helps to capture images during night

This security system works on the principle of wireless. All the four cameras are attached to the primary monitor in wireless mode. Some prominent features of this security system are as under:

Key Features

  • Uniden UDW10003 Wireless Video Surveillance Portable Security System has display screen of 3.5 inch
  • It performs great during daylight as well as during the night. In the night, 11 infra-red light emitting diodes i.e. LED’s get activated and provide you with the same vision quality as that in the daylight
  • Being a portable security system, this system provides you great level of privacy protection
  • With a monitor of 3.5-inch wide screen, it is full enough for displaying good quality, colour pictures of all the happenings around your home/office
  • This security system has 2.4 digital Frequency spectrum and has zero interference
  • This has a portable, rechargeable LiON battery, which works for 5 hours long on a single charge
  • This system is also provided with an Auto Timer, through which you can quickly set the time of reconnaissance
  • This system is supported with 4 digital and high-resolution cameras
Uniden Surveilance Screen

3.5-inch display shows good quality pictures


Any Shortcomings?

  • Connection between camera and monitor needs to be taken care in a more efficient manner because if camera is OFF, then there are no signals on the monitor
  • Its efficiency can be affected by the Wi-Fi router. This area needs bit of attention and improvement

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Though the system has few minor drawbacks, that shouldn’t stop you from getting this device installed at your home. Uniden portable security system, being a very inexpensive device, trying this out makes lot of sense.