SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System Review – Is it the Best One Yet?

In today’s modern world, home security is no more just having a secure locked gate or dogs in the yard. It needs much more measures than these simple methods which worked just fine few years ago.

Home burglaries cases have been rising in alarming rate over last few years.

Since most of the stores, malls have taken preventive measures by implementing various security instruments such as a CCTV, alarms and within their premises, now the question arises. How safe is your home?

It’s not that people have not realised the importance of home security and surveillance systems. In fact, many people have implemented several security measures and made their homes ‘burglary’-safe already.

However, if you are reading about home security for the first time and thinking to get a good security system, this article matters to you. This post would also be helpful to you if you already have a security system in place but looking for more robust one.

We,, always thrive to bring the best reviews as much as possible and today in this post, we are discussing one of the best-rated home security system – SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System.

With this review of simplisafe, you can learn about how this system fares in different aspects.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System Review

Wireless Technology Has Revolutionised Home Security System

Like in any other area, advancement in wireless technology and the mobile sphere has brought in enormous improvements even in home security systems.  SimpliSafe is a wireless security system, which means you need to worry about tangling wires for adapting to this.

About SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe brings you award winning home security products and services, trusted by thousands of households.

What do You get with SimpliSafe’s Home Security Package?

SimplySafe Home Security Package

SimplySafe Package

SimpliSafe provides you set of home security equipment such as below upon your purchase

  • A SimpliSafe keypad
  • 1 Base Station
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 4 Entry Sensors
  • 1 Keychain Remote
  • 2 Window Decals

You also need to choose their package which costs you $ 14.99/month for guarding your home. We liked this feature because there are no lock-ins, unlike other systems which usually lock you for periods such as 2 years or 3 years.

Setting Up

Unlike other home security systems, which involve complicated installation procedures, and customers need to pay installation charges to the security company, SimpliSafe is very easy to setup and install.

You can finish the entire installation process in just under 15 minutes. Needless to say that all are wireless instruments, so you need not worry about wiring or drilling holes in the walls.

How it Works

SimplySafe How it Works

As mentioned earlier in this article, SimpliSafe consists of various home security devices, and they make sure that your house is protected against multiple break-ins and burglaries.

Wireless Alarms

They alert you in the case of an event of a burglary. Alarm feature has been improvised by SimpliSafe by adding 2 crucial features.

  • The brain of the alarm is located in the base station, not in keypad – Most of the burglars used to smash the keypad quickly so that police won’t be alerted. However, SimpliSafe has understood this defect and now police will be alerted even though thief breaks the keyboard.
  • Cut-Proof phone lines – Burglars knew that cutting a phone line weakens the home security system when they are on the ‘job.’ SimpliSafe uses its cellular system, and burglar can’t just defeat the system

Wireless Sensors

You get following wireless sensors in the package.

  • Entry sensors for your doors and windows
  • High-caliber motion detectors
  • Panic button for emergencies
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Wireless keypad with secret duress PIN
  • Keychain remote
  • Wireless freeze sensor
  • Wireless water sensor

Mobile Integration

Smartphone App for Home Security

SimpliSafe has made sure that you get security alerts directly to your phone in the form of messages. You can use the smartphone app for iOS and Android

Power Outage Proof

You are sure to be monitored and protected even when there is a power outage. SimpliSafe uses powerful rechargeable lithium batteries upon which the system runs.

24/7 Monitoring

When you sign up by paying $ 14.99/month, your home is continuously monitored, and you are sure to be alerted in case of a mishap of burglary.


  • 24/7 live to monitor at low monthly fees
  • Easy installation and setup
  • All devices are wireless in nature, which means no drilling holes in your walls
  • Mobile integration


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With their low monthly fees and integration of various security devices, we gave a thumbs-up to SimpliSafe.

Go for it, after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And home security is an investment, not an expense.