Samsung SmartThings- Our Review

Smart home systems are a craze nowadays, and why not? After all, any effort and opportunity to secure one’s home don’t go wasted.

In this review post, we are talking about one of the modern smart home monitoring kit – Samsung Smart Hub.

Samsung SmartThings Review – Exploring SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring KitYou can supervise your home from anywhere. You will be able to identify any movement at your home and also check if your house has the doors, windows, cabinets or the garage are closed or if they are open.

All you need to do is to connect the devices at your home.

Key Product Specifications

  • Included in the box: 1 Samsung SmartThings hub and outlet, motion sensor and two multipurpose sensors, power supply, ethernet cable, product: batteries
  • Weight of the product:  3 pounds
  • Average Battery life:  17520 hours
  • Z-Wave certification: ZC10-15090005
  • Range: 50-130 Feet
  • Operating Temperature:  41 to 95°F
  • Communication Protocol: ZigBee, Z-Wave, IP

What is Samsung Smart Hub and How it works?

Download the app to your mobile; create your account with the region of your home. With the internet and the power supply, the device is active to protect your home, and you can monitor the safety measures with your phone.

You will need to place these devices at a distance of 15 feet from the hub during the connection process. Later you can put them at your convenience in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere.

ARM, ARM AWAY & DISARM is the three different modes of the monitoring kit. ARM will help you identify the motions when you are away from your home. You will get a notification if there is any movement at your home. ARM AWAY is the notification when you are sleeping, and you will get an alarm if there is any movement noted. DISARM is the function with no notification when you are at home as you do not need any warnings for the movements at home.

Along with the smart sensors, you can also enhance the monitoring with the additional tools like lights, locks, cameras and more. You will be able to control the lights, electronics, and small appliances as well.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub – Home Monitoring Kit is affordable. You will be getting the instant alerts with your smartphone in hand.


  • You can set the device to control your door lock, AC, and lights. When there is no motion at home, and the door is closed, the device automatically switches off the AC and lights and turns it on when the people are around at home.
  • You can set the voice controls as well to ease your time.
  • You can rest assured of any unauthorised entry to your home and get into immediate action with the alerts if there is any such scenario.
  • With the Arrival sensor, you can be sure if your kids and pets are safe at home.
  • Monitor and control the temperature of your house. You can set the desired temperature and be rest assured of it later.
  • The camera helps you to identify the activities at your home when you are not around.
  • Compatibility: SmartThings can be paired with home security devices from Samsung, Bose, Schlage, Yale, Cree, Osram Lighting, Honeywell, First Alert, and other favourite brands.
  • Easy to setup and not much technical knowledge required to make this SmartThing up and running
  • No monthly recurring charges since it’s not a subscription-based device
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Works with various other smart home devices by different leading brands, enabling scalability
  • Not very expensive
  • Sometimes, it gets turned off automatically with a few technical issues
  • Works only with the smartphone and there is no other option of getting messages without the internet. Might need further enhancement in this regard to sending the messages without the internet

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The SmartThings Ecosystem and connected products

You can connect some other devices to the hub. Below are some of the products you can opt for.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

Samsung SmartCam ProWith this equipment, you will be able to monitor each activity at home and can rest assured of the safety of kids and pets as well. This camera will auto capture the movements and will help you monitor the home better. This has a storage as well to store the pictures and videos for any reference.

SmartThings Arrival Sensor

Samsung Arrival SensorWith this device, you will be able to be connected with your kids. You can also add it the pet’s collar to identify if the pet is at home.

The SmartThings Arrival Sensor can send you a notification when people, pets, and cars arrive and leave your home. Just place it in a child’s bag, around a pet’s collar. If you add it to your key chain, you can find them quickly if you would have misplaced it. This is a wireless equipment is simple to install.

SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

Samsung Water Leak Sensor

With this equipment, you will be able to identify the leakage, and you can protect your family from falling off with the leaked water. This kit helps you to control the temperature as well.

Smoke Detector (First Alert 2 in 1)

Smoke AlarmFirst Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. This helps you to monitor and rescue your home from any fire incident. Photoelectric sensor helps you to identify if the smoke is from cooking or from the shower steam.

Conclusion/Should You Buy Samsung SmartThings?

With the apps, you will be able to monitor your home from any distance. The smoke detector with more advanced technology helps you to identify the real hazards, and you do not need to be panicked. The Arrival Sensor gives you relief with your kids and pets being safe at home.

Any alarms, you can get into immediate action. Monitor your garage as well with the Camera and control the garage doors as well. Water leak sensor helps you be away from hazards. The voice control also is one of the key factors to managing your time and energy.

SmartHub is easy to setup and no monthly recurring fees to be paid to security companies; it brings a good level of ‘smartness’ to your home. Though it comes with few limitations, it is surely worth its money.

Hope this review of SmartThings has helped you for deciding if the product is right for you or not.