Wireless Doorbell and Motion Detector – Right Combination For Your Home Safety

Wireless home security is being adopted by hundreds and thousands of households all over the world. There are wide range of products available in home security space, ranging from complete home security suite to simple motion sensors.

In today’s article, we are sharing information about a basic home security accessory , a wireless motion detector/sensor and its integration with wireless doorbells.

What is a motion detector or motion sensor?

Motion detector picture

A Motion sensor by Honeywell

A motion detector is an electronic device that detects moving objects especially moving people and alerts the base unit. When integrated with other devices (such as a wireless doorbell), a motion detector can sense the movement in it’s installation area and send signals to the base unit which in turn alerts the user via a visual or sound notification.

Motion detectors are widely used by people for various purposes such as monitoring people movement around the home, garage , sensing movements around door and windows.

Motion detectors come with varying operating ranges (area they cover). Since they are wireless devices , the higher the range, better the coverage. Again, it depends upon your need.

Motion detectors are widely used as an important accessory for preventing burglary (theft).

Technologies such as light based sensing , infrared ray based sensing and many others are used in motion detecting devices.

That’s a short introduction about motion detectors and sensors.

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How you can enhance your home security with a basic motion detector?

Picture of wireless doorbell

This wireless doorbell can show alerts when motion is detected by a motion detector

A motion detector can be integrated with a feature rich wireless doorbell such as RCWL300A1006/N By Honeywell

When you sync the wireless doorbell with the motion sensor, it serve a basic purpose of motion sensing and alerting the base unit when some one approaches your door or wherever you have placed the motion detector.

You can place a motion detector at your garage or driveway for alerting you when some motion is detected. As Honeywell says, the possibilities are endless with these kind of products 🙂

Advanced wireless doorbells have provision of alerting user with a visual alert along with sound tune when motion detector is triggered. It means that, you will know who is approaching your home even before they ring the bell.

Prevent Burglary by using door and window contacts

Technology has made our lives safer by facilitating us with lots of useful devices in home security space. Door contacts and window contacts are few of such devices which are successful in making our homes secure and safe.

A complete peace of mind is what you get when you install such devices in your house.

Door contacts

A Door Contact

Window contact

A Window contact

You can install window and door contacts for your home, so that you are alerted when someone tries to open windows or doors.

Door and window contacts are inexpensive and are easy to obtain from Amazon.



However, if you are looking for a complete alarm system package which includes base unit and door/window contacts, then we recommend you to take a look at this excellent package called Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit by GE.


GE – Smart home Wireless Alarm Kit

Note that this alarm system costs you less than $20. Technology is not only getting smarter, but affordable as well.

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