Wireless Intercom Systems – Quick Introduction

Wireless intercom systems are electronic systems which facilitate communication between different electronic gadgets. Be it between a transmitter and receiver, a CCTV camera or even your mobile phone. Since they don’t use wires, they are termed as wireless intercom systems.

This era has turned out to be an era of wireless devices and communication. Wireless technology is based on principle of converting electronic signals to voice or pictorial signals and vice-versa and then transmission (and reception).

These type of systems not only provide the communication facility but also also come with number of other useful features that enhance home security. Since they are not bound by wires, it’s easy to carry them around , making them very much portable.

Owing to the ‘wire-free’ advantages, no wonder, most of the electronic devices are transforming themselves into wireless nature.

Features and Benefits of a Typical Wireless Intercom System

Wireless technology or wireless home intercom systems have their multitude advantages, some of which are as below

  • Quick Installation – They are quick to setup and install since no wiring is needed
  • Effective Personal Communication –  They are quite handy when used as personal communication between the personals within an organization
  • Flexible in Range – Wireless signals that gets emitted from the intercom systems can be extended to cover larger distances
  • Can be Used as Advanced Security Devices – These systems are now being used in homes and offices for security purposes and are considered as advanced security devices
  • Affordable –  They are not too expensive and manufacturers offer competitive price for them. They are well within the reach of households and of course, office setups. For example, this portable wireless intercom system costs you just around $100

Types of Wireless Intercom Systems

There are many types of the wireless intercom systems that can be categorized based on different aspects.

  • Wired Intercom Systems –  Hard wired intercoms, in which wires are employed to connecting them to various accessories and even for installation purposes
  • Wireless Intercoms – These type of systems don’t need any wires or cords. Some great brands are out there.
  • Carrier Current Intercoms –  These types need alternate current i.e. AC to produce frequencies (signals) . These kind of systems are also called as a subset type of hard wired intercoms
  • Automated Gate Entry Intercom Systems – They are controlled with remotes are heavily used for the security purposes. Walk-through gates are a type of such kind of systems which are being used on large scale around the world

Other Classifications

Wireless Intercom

Chamberlain Wireless Intercom has range of 1000 ft

On the basis of quality of frequencies there are two kinds of wireless intercom systems that are prevailing currently.

  • Low Range Wireless Intercom systems – They have a small range in the provision of signals
  • Long Range Ones – Obviously, they provide long range of frequencies or signal

There are many other too, which are categorized on the basis of needs of the customer and kind of result one may want at the end like voice or image/video based wireless intercom systems.